Tuesday, May 29, 2007


(Changes into hair shirt)
So I have not been a very consistent blogger. I put a lot of things on hold while preparing for the move, surviving the move, and recovering from the move. I haven’t made time to blog again, even after getting called out by Phoebe on her blog and by others at S&B. So I’m back.
(Changes out of hair shirt. Damn, that thing itches.)

Phoebe tagged me for a meme. I had to google “meme” to find out what the hell it meant. It’s tough to keep up with you kids and your crazy lingo! ;-)

It looks to me like a meme is like a Top Ten List of sorts? When I worked in a record store (with CDs, cassettes, and real vinyl LPs), people used to make lists of “Desert Island Discs” – CDs one could not live without if stranded on a desert island. MP3 players have made those disc lists somewhat obsolete, I guess, but now there are essential playlists. So I guess a playlist could be a meme too, right?

According to Phoebe, this meme is supposed to be a list of seven miscellaneous facts about me. OK – here goes:

1) In elementary school, I wanted to change my name, because kids called me “Annie Fanny.” I was also vigilant about not letting grown-ups call me “Annie.” But I never did find a name that was completely impervious to some perversion – nicknames, rhyming, etc. Now I like my name just fine, and on occasion, I’ll even let people call me Annie. Hell, I’ve been called worse.

2) Although I learned how to drive at 15, I didn’t learn to parallel park until around age 25 and didn’t learn how to drive in snow and ice until the tender age of 32. I rock at parallel parking, but if you see me tooling up Route 15 during wintertime, give me lots of room.

3) I’m stealing an item idea from CostumeChick here. My boyfriend Oscar and I have the same birthday. Just a weird coincidence, I guess. Same date, but different years. I’m three years older than Oscar, and he never lets me forget it.

4) Although my graduate degree is in architecture, my undergraduate degree is in psychology. Most people either think it’s a total non sequitur, or they think it makes perfect sense. Psychology was a good, solid, interdisciplinary major (take at least 6 hours of everything, plus psych courses). That said, the most practical classes I’ve ever taken were languages (English, Spanish, French, and a smidgen of ASL), public speaking, and typing.

5) I watch entirely too much TV. My favorite show is Lost, but I’ve also watched House, Grey’s Anatomy, ER, and Desperate Housewives regularly. I often set the VCR (poor man’s tivo) and watch the tapes while I’m knitting or doing some other “multitaskable” thing. That way I don’t feel like such an unproductive couch potato.

6) My occasional ranting against Corporate America is not without hypocrisy. Since moving earlier this month, I’ve been to WalMart about 487 times. Where else can you get hamburger buns and a 50-foot phone cord in the same place?

7) Things I am afraid of: heights, scary movies. Things I’m not afraid of (but not terribly fond of): snakes, spiders.

I don’t think I know 7 bloggers to tag, and the bloggers I know have already been tagged. But there’s my meme. Next post I’ll try to fill you in on what I’ve been up to (hopefully with photos).