Sunday, November 11, 2007

I Killz U in Ur Sleep

Yep. That's right. Cat wearing a sweater. Boy, was she pissed.
Here's the thing: She's 17 years old. Geriatric Kitty. Is on several medications and seems to be cold a lot lately. So I thought, maybe she needs a sweater.

There's a reason cats typically don't wear sweaters. They can't groom themselves very easily if they're half-shrouded in wool or acrylic. But Kitty hasn't been in the habit of grooming herself in her old age -- every few days I have to brush out her fur myself to keep it from getting all matted. So figuring that obstruction to grooming wasn't an issue, I found this "dog" sweater at Tuesday Morning for $5.

But I guess there's another reason cats don't wear sweaters. Dignity. She's figured out how to wriggle out of it fairly quickly. Or maybe it's the storebought acrylic sweater itself -- maybe she's a fiber snob and she's waiting for me to knit her something out of Alpaca Silk.

Speaking of knitting, I've made some progress on that, too. Here's Baby Helen's Christmas stocking, which I finished in 8 days (once I got started, I had a hard time stopping!)

I'm now working on her cousin Matthew's stocking, which is the same (except the name at the top, obviously). Started at the top and have already worked my way to the top of Santa's head. Kitty sits next to me as I knit -- I think she prefers to keep warm by snuggling with a nice warm human.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday Slacker Video

This is too funny.

The History of LOLCats - Watch more free videos